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Optical fibre, capable of conveying electrical signals along light waves represent the apex of technological development in the field of signal transmission. They have opened the door to a new dimension in the world of telecommunications. The possibility of transmitting light and thus signals over enormous distances by using microscopic glass filaments inside spe- ctra with ever broader frequencies giving rise to a technological revolution in communication systems and networks and in the transmission of data and information. Produces the entire range of optical fibre cables required in the market today.

In a separate production unit, several types of plant permit the pro- duction of optical fibre cables so-called SLOTTED,LOOSE TUBE and RIBBON.

From the initial colouring of each fibre, to stranding in groups, the construction of ribbon,multi tubes or single tube and the assembling of various components untilthe complete formation of the cable.

Each phase is followed by programmed testing sequences "on-line" to guarantee the compliance with the standards of all the materials.